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Zoe Saldana

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Zoe Saldana at Guardians of the Galaxy premiere

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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy - Zoe Saldana

I can’t get over how amazing Guardians of the Galaxy is.

Guardians of the Galaxy. I ended up seeing this amazing movie in its premiere at the theater and absolutely loved it. Definitely fell in love with Zoe Saldana and her character, Gamora. :D Loved the cast, the music, the comedy, the action, practically everything about this movie. By the way, the ticket stub says “child” not because I’m a child, but because I couldn’t find my actual stub. I had to use my little cousin’s for this. #GuardiansoftheGalaxy #Guardians #Marvel #MarvelUniverse #movie #movies #premiere #iamGroot #Groot #Gamora #Zoe #ZoeSaldana #VinDiesel #DaveBautista #Rocket #BradleyCooper #Drax #PeterQuill #Thursday #Thursdaynight #openingnight #greatmovie

I meant green.

Any black person automatically knows exactly what another black person is going through? If that’s not lumping all people into a group, I don’t know what is. I just want us to realize our potential as human beings. A vital and beautiful part of the human experience is realizing whom we are as human beings. Regardless of color, we all have different preferences, personalities, ancestral backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, hobbies, skills, and accomplishments. Why must we define ourselves based on other people just because they have the same skin tone as ours? We are all human beings. We’re all different, but we can relate to one another in that we are human beings with feelings and emotions. There’s something beautiful about that, and I hope you find it in you to accept that as a fact.

Black is just a skin color. I know the struggle and I can empathize with people. It’s not as if this is a situation of how sex feels for males vs. how sex feels for females. We have the same anatomy and the same brain.



I don’t know why people keep thinking “nigga” is the N-word. “Nigger” is the N-word. They have different definitions.

….lol wait is this a non-black telling people that nigga and nigger do not have the same definition? so you think that makes it okay for you to use it???

Please keep in mind that not every black person finds it acceptable to use that around them especially if you are not black.

If you knew anything about what I was thinking of, you’d know I was specifically referring to the white folks who accuse black people of hypocrisy for saying “the N-word” when what they’re really saying is “nigga.” I don’t think I’ve heard black people say “What up, my nigger?” before. White people obviously have hearing problems. Black people say “nigga,” not “nigger.”

Not starting a fight with black Tumblr, though. Why do you have to assume it’s a fight against black Tumblr just because I’m pointing out the obvious?

Tumblr used to be an all-loving community until this black-white race war started. It’s wrong to make fun of black people for being black. It’s wrong to make fun of white people for being white. That white people won’t be oppressed does not justify your hatred of them. Outcasts in middle school get bullied all the time, and they won’t get oppressed. Doesn’t mean it’s right to bully them. Need I say more?

Let’s just love one another and go back to the hippie days.

Ferrari 458 Italia. #Ferrari #458 #Ferrari458 #Italia #Ferrari458Italia #458Italia #cars #automotivephotography

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